Bree Duncan is the world's first bionic superhero. She serves as the speed/ agility of the team, and is what keeps them supported. Everything that has happened during the past two seasons have not happened to her, because Gao created clones of her, and imprisoned her in a jar, which made her not remember anything until the season 2 finale, Unraveled: The Last of Gao-Krane. Kaz is her husband.

Abilities and Powers

Super-speed: Bree can run faster than the fastest a human can run.

Laser-Spheres- Bree can create lasers.

Invisibility- Perfect on dangerous missions.

Memory Wiping- Bree does this to normos who need not know about superpowers.

Commando App- Spikerella is her fierce, violent alter-ego.

Vocal Manipulation- Bree can change her voice to match anyone she sees.

Ground Manipulation- Bree can control dirt and grass to stop villains. Once, she dug too large a hole, and endangered her whole team. This is a superpower, not a bionic ability.

Expert Climbing Skills- Bree is the best climber in the group.

Magni Vision- Bree can see things really far away.

Cyber-cloak- Bree can disguise as anyone!

Proton Rings-Bree can create magnificent throwing rings made of protons with her bare hands.

Thermo Touch-Bree can leave a smoking, hot hand-print on any surfaces she touches.

Thermal Nuclear Body Blast-Bree is able to form a blast wave around her body that she can use to take villains out.