Bridget Bernstein, formerly known as Mr. Terror (Circa 1973-approx. 2063, aged 90), is Oliver and Fletcher's mother. She is a superhero, but used to be a villain until she was turned good by Oliver in Oliver's Bionic Dilemma. Trapped in jail during Lab Rats: Elite Force season 1, she off-screen teamed up with Dr. Gao, Tank, Lexi, and Sebastian in an evil force, but it was disbanded prior to Elite ANT Force, and Bridget has been unsuccessfully developing a way to turn Oliver evil ever since while hiding in a subway tunnel. She finally succeeded prior to Weirdness At Webster, unleashing an android named Ricardo. Ricardo got Oliver, but Bridget had a hard time putting off familial emotions. When she scanned Oliver's memories, she noticed the memories that were all about her were so happy, and that made her upset. She woke Oliver up, and told him to confess his current emotions about her. As Bridget listened, she became so mad at herself that she turned good. Bridget then became angry when Ricardo threw a heavy object onto Oliver's body, so she Ricardo into the scrap yard. It was then that Chase showed up with the rest of the Elite ANT Force. Chase knew of one way to bring Oliver back- bionics. After helping Oliver get bionics, Bridget returned to a life of good, and in early season 2 moved to England to be with her ex-husband. She wrote Oliver several letters, and had for a while been seen on Video Chat only in all her later appearances. She used to run a suspicious  superhero resort-comic book shop with her husband, Arnold Bernstein. However, Fletcher changed history, now she and his father, Jerry, live together in California, still running their own comic shop. Bridget has also made a new android named Ricardo II.

Death and Revival

When Lexi and James discovered tachyons, they joined Shelby and Cyd, and captured Janet's spirit in a jar before it could ascend to the death world. She was released into the world, and stole Bridget's body. Fletcher, Cyd, and Shelby changed history so she never became Mr. Terror, thus she never reformed and Oliver never sent her to England. Thus, Janet took over someone else, and Bridget lived.