Cody Kaitlin Olaf "C.K." Martin is a main character in Suite Life Of Time ANTs: Elite World Force. They currently reside in New York, working as the team's scientist and First-Among-Equals. Their brother is Zack Martin, and their ex-wife is Bailey Pickett.


C.K. is more mature than Zack. They are also a lot smarter. As C.K. grew up, they became very ruthless, while keeping a calm, composed demeanor. C.K. got much less emotional over time. They have a real sarcastic flair, and never break promises. They feel best in control of others, not vice versa. The loss of Zack started to pain them, however, making them unstable, hot-headed, and unfocused. They lost their love of analyzing things, having a significant decline in their intellect and an increase of snarkiness.

After the incident with Mallus, C.K. became meek, shy, and started to regain some of their early emotionalness. However, they did retain enough confidence to reveal their homosexuality to their family.


  • Magni Vision- C.K. can see things really far away.
  • Vocal Manipulation- C.K. always makes sure they can alter their voice freely at will.
  • Commando App-C.K.'s commando mode version, Connie, comes on when C.K. is especially threatened or engaged in deep battle.
  • Invisibility-C.K. hides from villains by using this.
  • Super-Speed-C.K. is extremely fast, faster than Andi.
  • Geo-leaping: C.K. can also geo-leap, making them effective at hiding and ambushing.  
  • Heat Vision: C.K. has sometimes been shown to have heat vision, where they can heat up objects with their gaze.
  • Laser Sphere Generation: C.K. can create green laser-spheres that knock people out.
  • Super-Strength: They are able to lift ludicrously heavy objects with ease.
  • 'Super Intelligence: C.K.'has recently unlocked extreme intelligence, making them among the team's cleverest members.