The Davenport Talent and Power Academy was a prodigy school that served as the latest educational facility to house the Elite ANT Force members, before Davenaz Hospital became the major location. It used to function as a home to the former students of Z-Tech Prodigy School and Webster High School. It was developed by Donald Davenport after the ANTs could not get used to returning to Webster, and Perry got too aggressive to train the kids. A new generation of bionic superhumans and child superheroes also used to train here. It was closely modeled on the formerly-vacant Davenport Bionic Academy outside, but featured an interior design reminiscent of Z-Tech. Like its predecessor, the academy was accessed via HydraLoop. Donald mentioned that it had 30 underwater floors accessed via HyperLift. One of these floors held Davenaz Hospital, the last surviving part of it. An iron shield is what protected the school from the ocean. It was on Davenport Talent and Power Island.


Donald Davenport- Founder, Principal

Chase Davenport- Assistant Principal/ Science Mentor for Superheroes\Bionics with Super-smarts

Douglas Davenport- Head of Security

Bree Davenport- Mentor of Expert Superhero and Bionic Students with superspeed

Oliver Quimby- Villain Knowledge Mentor of Advanced Superheroes and Bionic Students

Kaz Duncan- Mentor of Intermediate Superhero\ Bionic Students

Skylar Storm- Action\Power Mentor of Beginner Superhero\Bionic students

Chyna Parks- Music Teacher for Talented Students

Fletcher Quimby- Art Teacher for Talented Students

Olive Doyle- History Teacher\ Language Arts Teacher of Talented Students

Lexi Reed- Math Teacher/ Drama Teacher of Talented Students

Angus Chestnut- Computer\Science Teacher of Talented Students.

Leo Dooley- Mission Training Mentor for all students

Zoltan Grundy- Head of Electronics

Tasha Davenport- Assistant Head of Electronics

Davenaz Hospital Staff, which include Kenny Duncan and Horace Diaz.