Douglas Davenport (April 1st, 1966-November 28th, 2074) is the gene donor and creator of Chase, Adam, and Bree. He often switches out with Donald to manage the Academy, and also works as Head of Security. Unfortunately for Douglas, Terry Perry still has a crush on him, and his wheelchair used to cause some problems. He is not as egotistical as his brother. Douglas had a brief turn as a main character, and served as the brains and leader of the team. He led the "Saving Chase Time Squad" to save Adam, Chase, and Kaz. Far more prominence was given to him. This marked the first time since Lab Rats that an adult was in the main cast. Donald injected him with bionics in The Reappearing, but deactivated them in "Elite ANTS Whenever Meet World, Part 1. However, he was shown with bionics and vision again in "Unraveled: The Last Of Gao-Krane." He takes a missions specialist, Mentor, and back up role in season 3 to keep an eye-especially important due to his restored vision-on his daughter, Maya. He was added on and off the main cast list, but is now a main character. He remains as one of 6 main characters to have never been cloned, thus he remembers all the events of the first season. His first wife was Annie Henderson.

Spin-Off Bio

The team's official leader and Head Time-Travel expert in addition to adult supervisor, Douglas still is egotistical-and wheelchair-placed. He also misses Marcus terribly, relieved when he returns. Douglas and his gun are never seen without each other, and Douglas does his blasts quite frequently. He also takes on a Doc Brown role in some cases. He sacrificed himself to kill Krane, but returned in future episodes as a spirit guide, much like Chet Hunter. He usually possessed Maya or Chase. His commando app, Doug-Dawg, was revealed in Commando Commotion. Douglas later got a new body, which like his ghost form, did not require a wheelchair.


  • Douglas hates Philadelphia, but loves Philly Steak.
  • In Elite Force, he was critically injured by Reese, getting a wheelchair and going blind. His prominence as a main character, however, resulted in fan letters requesting Douglas' sight be returned. Happily, in Unraveled, it was. Douglas stayed in a wheelchair until We'll Have A Great Time Then.