Skylar is cured, and Oliver is glad.

Oliver and Hapax check to see how Skylar is doing

Doyle's End: Skylar Is Safe is the 6th episode overall of Elite ANT Force.


After Hapax defeats Olive, Present-day Oliver gives up his powers to save Skylar. He and Angus erase Fletcher's memories, and send him back to New York. Horace gives Chase a very strong set of powers that can defeat his liquid bionics, and also strengthens Oliver's powers in Skylar's body to fry her liquid bionics. Back in the present, Skylar has recovered completely, and all the others are happy. When Oliver, Angus, and Chase return with unconscious Olive and Angus immediately departs, Mr. Grundy comes in to tell the kids that the school is under new management.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast 


  • Chyna and Bree finally return.
  • This is the conclusion of the "Skylar Gets Her Powers Back" story arc.
  • Part of the title, Doyle's End, refers to the Mighty Med episode this takes place during, Storm's End.
  • As of this episode, Oliver is a normo and Chase has superpowers.
  • Olive, Oliver, and Skylar all revert to their original states.
  • While Olive's line, "There's a storm coming! Olive Storm!" is quite popular, the dialogue was replaced by an evil laugh in the novelization and the next 5 subsequent airings. Paris Berelc then started dubbing it over. This is because Sierra McCormick couldn't get it to sound right.
  • This episode opens with a tag that reads "8 months later..." with a clip of the revived Lab Rats: Elite Force episode that aired two days before it shown, so as to evade confusion. This becomes the format until Bionic To The Future: Part 3 in the second season.
  • With this episode, 2017A, a timeline different in that Skylar got the wrong powers back and learned to make them work correctly, was created, affecting several Mighty Med episodes, but not EF episodes.