The Elite ANT Force began as a new incarnation of the Elite Force from Lab Rats: Elite Force, also undergoing the

name, "The Save Our Friends Time Squad". It combined talents, super powers, and bionics into an all powerful team that saved the world. One time, their goal was changed to time-traveling in order to save Bree, Leo, and Daniel's brothers, Adam and Chase, from going blind and getting possessed, as well as Oliver's bud, Kaz, from going insane. They were last led by a bionic human, Oliver Quimby. Douglas Davenport had also led them in the past. Their final headquarters was the Davenport Bionic Academy. The Philadelphia Medical Hospital Domain and Davenaz Hospital also temporarily served as HQ. They were replaced by the Time ANT Elite World Force.


Chase Davenport-Former ally\brains\martial artist

Daniel Davenport-Former ally\substitute martial artist

Douglas Davenport-Former Brains\Mission Leader

Oliver Quimby- The Brains\ Mission Leader

Bree Davenport- The Speed\Agility

Kaz Duncan- The Ranger\ Heart

Skylar Storm- Former Martial Artist\ Former Muscle

Chyna Parks- The Voice

Olive Doyle- Co-Mission Leader\ The Brains 2

Angus Chestnut- Mission Specialist

Fletcher Quimby- The Hands\Timekeeper

Leo Dooley-Current Ally\Substitute 

Douglas Davenport- Adult Aide, Mentor, Backup, and Co-Mission Specialist.

Evelyn Davenport- Co-Ranger/ Bionic UltraSuperhuman


They merged into the Time ANT Elite World Force, which has evolved into the current Suite Time Wizard ANT Elite World Force.