I'm already up with the greats including Picasso and Da Vinci!
— Fletcher reflecting on his artwork.

Fletcher is the protagonist of Elite ANT Force, and a major character in the spin-off. He is married to Chyna Parks. He is one of the six main characters of the original series to have never been cloned, thus he remembers all the events of the first two seasons. He finds it sad when Oliver cannot recall being his twin. He is in every single episode of EAF, along with Olive. He is 5 minutes younger than Oliver. Fletcher has recently gotten a job offer in Denver.

Spin-Off Bio

Fletcher has continued to mature, taking the rank of leader when Oliver is out, and being very good with time machines. He also gets along with Lexi much better than Chyna, Angus, and Olive do. He and Chyna are engaged, and Oliver is his brother again. Fletcher's bionics come in quite handily, he is the team's co-ranger and co-Time-Travel expert in addition to Sub Mission Leader. He has now quit the team to work full-time as a respected artist.

Talents and Powers

Expert-level artwork- He is known for his elaborate paintings throughout the country. He is one of the greats, which Chyna is quite proud of.

Laser-sphere Generation and Super-Speed- When Bree got sick, Donald Davenport outfitted him with a temporary bionic chip so Fletcher could take her place. He got both laser spheres and super-speed. Although Bree healed, Fletcher decided to keep his bionic abilities. He blasts these things a ton.

Geo-leaping and Bionic Eyes- He can instantly teleport places and can scan people to make sure they are legit.