Jennifer Topanga "Jenny" Hunter is the alternate version of Riley Matthews from 2019A.


Jenny has Topanga's long, curly, brown hair and Shawn's facial features. She looks a great deal like a female Shawn.


Jenny is smart like Riley, but also has the desire to date several guys at once, so she's a bit of an oddball. She is somewhat of a mall rat.


Maya Hart (Best Friend, unknown-present)-Maya is Jenny's BFF, who she likes taking to the mall with her.

Lucas Friar (Ex-boyfriend)-Jenny remarks that Maya took Lucas from her.

Shamus Minkus (boyfriend)-Jenny says their oddball personalities clash and make them good for each other. She also says Shamus revealed his true feelings in Texas.

Zay Babineaux (ex-boyfriend)-Jenny says Zay was her boyfriend, but couldn't keep in touch well in Texas, and she dumped him for Shamus. However, Zay has tried numerous times to win Jenny back, creating a love triangle of sorts.


  • She doesn't know Isadora Smackle.
  • She is interestingly played by Sarah Carpenter, implying Shawn might be her character Sarah's birth dad.