"There's a storm coming! Olive Storm!"
— Olive when corrupt with Skylar's powers.

Olive Doyle Chestnut is a normo who possesses the world's greatest memory. She has dated Oliver Quimby and Fletcher Quimby in the past, but is now with Angus Chestnut. She was once turned evil by Oliver in a risky attempt to restore Skylar Storm's powers. Fortunately, she was cured by Hapax the Elder. Olive is one of the 6 main characters who was always themselves and still remembers the events of the past two seasons. Olive is regarded by many people as the deuteragonist of EAF, when it is instead Oliver. This is because she appears in every single episode. She is recurring in Suite Life Of Time Wizards: Elite World Force, only appearing in the season premiere, 2nd episode,penultimate episode, and series finale. Chyna calls her distant. The Eliminator returned at the end of the series, but was soon turned back to Olive. She is main for the next-gen spin-off.


Eidetic memory- She remembers everything. Olive thought this was especially helpful since she told the whole EF what they'd missed out on.

Portal Creation (formerly)- Olive trapped Oliver and Angus in one of these too stop them from saving Skylar and Chase Davenport.

Flying-(formerly)- She used to have this ability when she had Skylar's powers.

Creative Smarts- When she had Skylar's powers, she had super-smarts, probably due to injecting herself with liquid bionics cloned from Chase's chip.

Skylar's other powers- Olive had these as well, including super-strength,super-speed, turning people to stone(used on Chase), and time rewinding.

Memory Replication-A strange mixture of Oliver's energy transference (when he accidentally dropped a few bits of his powers into Skylar's contaminated tube) and Olive's natural talent made Olive able to replicate the memories of others, perfect for learning all about Chase. She has not lost this power, it instead stayed inactive in her body until the time was right, also giving her the ability to melt things.


  • Since she turned him to stone and removed his bionics, Chase has held a grudge against Olive. However, that was only an element of Adam inside a Chase clone, so the real Chase has no grudge against her. The spin-off may change that.