Oliver and Olive chat- but Olive keeps seeing him short with a bowl hair-cut.

Oliver Joins The Ant Farm is the first episode of season 1 and the first and second episode overall of Elite ANT Force.


When Donald Davenport leaves Chase Davenport in charge of the Davenport Tower penthouse in Centium City, he moves Bree Davenport, Skylar Storm, Oliver Quimby, and Kaz Duncan to Palo Alto, California, where Oliver enters a cool new prodigy school- and runs into two strange girls who oddly recognize him.

Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • This takes place 8 months after The Attack, but was only filmed two months later.
  • In addition, Douglas is blind and in a wheelchair, and Reese and Riker have been keeping quiet for 8 months, as have Roddissius and the rest of the shape-shifters. Chase is also still somewhat depressed due to losing Reese.
  • This is the first time a main character appears only as a cameo.
  • For added humor, Olive sees Oliver how Fletcher looked back in 2014, which required the use of archive footage.
  • There is a novelization of this episode and the next 6 episodes after it:
  • This is a one-hour special, yet it is only counted as a single episode.
  • People were very confused about what happened in the 8 months between the end of Lab Rats: Elite Force and the beginning of EAF, so Jesse McFly, a worker for Disney, decided to make a season 2 to explain everything if Chris and Bryan would put him in the new show. They did, the new show released when EAF was a few episodes in and ended towards the end of EAF Season 2.
  • This episode is the first episode to air in 2016. If the timeline of EF is correct, it may take place in 2016 too, even though it's odd that a school year would end in September. Meanwhile, it is clearly established that EF Season 2 covers an 8-month span, placing EF's end in October 2016. 8 months after October would be June, which is much more logical for a school year to end.
    • Though, with the episode Sheep-Shifting being on Halloween, it is more like 7 months.