The Old Switcheroo is the 16th overall episode of Elite ANT Force.

Gao's flashback of Krane's spirit entering his body...


Dr. Gao returns, claiming to want his former friend, Bridget, to be evil again. However, these are not his true intentions. Dr. Gao is not only himself, but someone worse as well... And just how is he connected to Adam's trait remover?


Main Cast 

Recurring Cast


  • This marks the return of Victor Krane and Dr. Gao, who have been forced to share one body in their new lives.
  • Krane destroys Webster High in this episode.
  • It is revealed that the masked figure who removed Adam's characteristics was Gao's so-called cousin, unmasked in later episodes as Janet Smythe.
  • This is the 5th time in the Elite ANT Force franchise a main set has been destroyed. First, there was the Lab on Lab Rats, then Mighty Med from Mighty Med, Davenport Bionic Academy in Elite Force, and parts of Z-Tech from PerryTech.
  • This episode, along with Adam, may not have happened, due to the Fall of Five creating a paradox.
  • This episode confirms that Gao and Bridget in fact met in prison.