Tina Figgenbottom was Chase 's wife. She is a scientist. She named her son Berry. Chase took her last name. She is from Australia.



On vacation, she met and fell in love with Chase Davenport. They began a serious relationship, mainly due to their equal knowledge about science. Chase at first spent all his time with her, but then realized it would be better to also be with his friends as well, which Tina agreed too. She frequently tags along in missions starting with season 2. Tina is slightly older than Chase. They are were married for a while, living happily in San Francisco and then New York. After Cody framed Chase for his crimes, Chase was jailed and they divorced.


  • Her last name, secret lack of intelligence and what she wants to name her son are all jokes that poke fun at Billy Unger's appearance on A.N.T Farm as an unintelligent, crybaby acting prodigy named Berry Figgenbottom.
  • She was originally meant to be Fletcher and Oliver's cousin, but this was changed when her actress, Ariel Winter, was too busy and an actress for Chase's girlfriend could not be found-Winter suggested that they merge the characters and she could play the girlfriend, with the cousin not appearing.